How To Pass A Drug Test Within 24 Hours

How To Pass A Drug Test Within 24 Hours

Urine Testing

Urine tests look for minute quantities of drug metabolites. It is often possible to pass a drug test by diluting the urine to the point where these chemicals are not perceptible.

There are few ways to accomplish this. The urine can be diluted externally after urination. This would involve adding liquid heated to body temperature, preferably water, to the sample. This will only be possible if there is some privacy while providing a sample. If this method is chosen, individuals would be wise to invest in chemical heating pads and a temperature strip to ensure the liquid is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another way is to internally dilute. To do this, an individual would consume a large quantity of liquids over a relatively short period of time. This liquid could be water, or it could be something like cranberry juice, which acts as a natural diuretic. Diuretics are substances that stimulate the large scale elimination of water from the body. Other than cranberry juice, another diuretic that is easily obtained is caffeine. This could be taken as a cup of coffee or even strong tea. If diuretics are used, and they should be for best results, this will usually end up with any sample being well diluted and unreadable. This can be accomplished in just a few hours.

For best results, the diuretic should be taken at least 5 hours before the test. After it has been ingested, large amounts of water should be consumed right up to test time. When providing the sample, individuals should first urinate a little bit into the toilet, and then use urine from the middle of the stream to fill the container. There will be less metabolite in the urine if this is done properly.

Vinegar has also been used by people seeking to pass a drug test quickly. The vinegar is usually consumed at least a day before any testing. Vinegar ingested this way helps to speed up the metabolism. This in turn can make efforts to detoxify the body more efficient.

Yet one more method involves substituting the entire sample. This could be the urine of a friend who is a non user, or one of many commercially available synthetic urine products. Whichever way is chosen, people should be sure that the substituted urine is not tainted.

Still another way to pass one of these tests involves what is called the niacin flush. Niacin is also known as vitamin B3, and is quite safe to take in sensible doses. Once in the system, Niacin acts to open up the capillaries. This increased blood flow allows toxins and drug metabolites to be expelled from the body more easily.

A simple to execute regimen would involve taking about 500mg with 2 to 3 cups of water every hour for up to 5 hours before the test. It doesn’t hurt to ingest a reasonable amount of diuretic at the same time.

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Saliva Testing

Saliva tests can be hard to pass, but not impossible. One method involves drinking a large quantity of water or coffee just prior to the test. This can very temporarily dilute the saliva. If this is not possible, test takers should use the testing swab to collect moisture from the teeth, rather than moisture from under the tongue. After this, the swab should be gripped between the teeth during the 2 minute testing period.

We live in the era of big brother. Even though this is the case, those who have been wondering how to pass a drug test in 24 hours can rest assured that if they apply the lessons from this article, they will stand a great chance of passing a drug test with flying colors.

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Hair Testing

Even though hair tests can find metabolites long after use of a drug, they can be overcome quickly and easily. There are a number of powerful detoxifying shampoos on the market. Within the time required to take 2 showers, the metabolites can be efficiently masked. Individuals should be sure to treat all the hair on the body, not just head hair.

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